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January 2016 Price list

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January 2016 price list
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We try hard to hold prices steady.  However, with the world wide metal industry as it is today, we must change prices when metal prices change.  Copper, as an example, has gone up 300% in the last 2 years, which drives brass pricing.  Stainless is also going up at a rapid rate.  I wish pricing could be more steady, it would make my job easier.  The price list is the latest published listing.  However, it is possible that, when you order, a price will have changed and we have not yet been able to update the published price list.  We try hard to not let that happen. 
This file can be opened with Adobe Reader as a PDF file. 
We are currently working on a 2017 Price List. Most prices have stayed the same, however, most of the foot line pieces prices have gone UP. We will always notify you before we run your card. Thank you! 

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